Hamilton Recreation Center & Playground Renovation Project

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Project Information
Hamilton Recreation Center and Playground is a large multi-use facility located at the corner of Geary Bouelvard and Steiner Streets. Two large structures built in 1956 house a community pool and gymnasium and smaller building offices, a community room and kitchen. A children’s playground is located to the south of the pool building along with tennis and volleyball courts and parking. A grass play field is located directly west of the buildings. The dated facility did not conform to current codes or the current needs of the community.

The project included seismic improvements and accessibility upgrades. This entailed the renovation of the pool building and gymnasium. Both the existing recreation center and the pool lockers/restroom buildings, were replaced with two new one-story buildings. Site improvements included a new playground and play structures. New accessible entrances were constructed along the entrances of the facility. The building renovation also included a new gardener's storage room on the north face of the pool building. Adjacent sidewalks were repaired and curb ramps were installed for accessibility.

For additional information and background, visit the Department of Recreation and Parks web site.

1900 Geary Boulevard

Winter 2007: Site & Building Abatement – building demolition
Spring 2008: Start of Major Construction – foundation & new structure
Winter 2008: Building Enclosure Completed, interior work commenced
Summer 2009: Pool Slides installation, HVAC equipment installation completed
Fall 2009: Interior Work and Finishes installed, playground equipment and site work commenced
Winter 2009: Substantial Completion
March 2010: Reopened to the public

$18.1 million. The financing for this project comes from various sources including Revenue Bonds in 2004 & 2006, the 2000 Neighborhood Park General Obligation Bond, an Open Space Fund, & through the City's General Fund.

Project Team
Bureau of Architecture: Will Kwan, Damon Louie, Rafael Gutierrez
Bureau of Engineering: William Liang (STRUCT) Maurice Chee, Harley Driessen, Eric Bura (MECH); Nick Sood, Stephen Lee, Dannie Wong (ELEC); Jasmine Kaw (L ARCH)
Structural Design Engineers: Jack Laws, Ting Cabading
Councilman Hunsaker: Carol Anderson, Patricia Soto
Bureau of Construction Management: David Wang, Tim O’Sullivan
Contractor: Hagensen Pacific

Hagensen Pacific

Toks Ajike
(415) 581-2543
Project Manager, Recreation and Park Department