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Streets & Streetscapes

Urban Landscape on Divisadero StreetOur streets are an important part of the City infrastructure. They are our means of transport and connect us to many places whether we walk, drive, bike, or ride public transit. Public Works is responsible for maintaining and ensuring that our roads and rights of way are safe, accessible, and enjoyable.

We maintain 12,458 blocks of streets in San Francisco. Every year, our engineers prioritize a list of city streets for resurfacing based on pavement quality, smoothness, traffic volumes, and many other factors. In addition to large scale resurfacing projects, our very own Bureau of Street and Sewer Repair also repaves individual blocks throughout San Francisco. For more information, visit the Street Resurfacing Program.

We also look for ways to transform the streetscape and improve the public's experience along the public realm. In 2005, Mayor Newsom created the Great Streets Program to demonstrate best practices in design and to highlight the value of landscaping, lighting, and pedestrian safety on city streets. Each project is tailored to each street, neighborhood, and community. Streetscape improvement projects include sidewalk extensions, bulb-outs, crosswalk treatments, enhancements to pedestrian countdown signals/lighting, street tree plantings, median expansion, traffic lighting, bicycle improvements, and public art elements.

Green Planter on Market Street

Our Current Projects are in the conceptual, design, and construction process. Completed Projects are now open to the public. Please visit the specific project pages to learn more. 

Current Projects

Learn more about active resurfacing projects by visiting Road Construction in Your Neigborhood

Completed Projects

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