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Surface Mounted Facility

What is a Surface Mounted Facility?SMF 1

A Surface Mounted Facility (SMF) is any Utility facility (physical element or structure) that is installed in the Public Right-of-Way. Surface Mounted Facilities include facilities and equipment for transportation purposes such as traffic signal controllers, communications hubs, back-up power supplies, switch controllers, electric service panels, and ticket vending machines, Surface Mounted Facilities, however, do not include transit shelters, ramps, and platforms, or traffic signal poles.

How are Surface Mounted Facilities regulated?

In 2005, The Department of Public Works adopted DPW Order 175,566 in order to ensure that the installation of SMFs will not impede traffic impede travel on public streets, inconvenience property owners, create visual blight, or otherwise inconvenience the use of the public rights-of-way by the public.

I see a notice for a Surface Mounted Facility in my Neighborhood

As a part of the DPW Order 175,566, all SMF applicants are required to post a Notice of Intent (NOI) in the area of the proposed SMF for a period of 20-days. See sample Notice of Intent (NOI). Anyone who wishes to object to the placement of a proposed SMF can contact DPW to place an objection within the 20-day posting period. Once DPW receives your objection, DPW will forward it to the applicant. The applicant will then contact you.

Planned Surface Mounted Facilities in My Neighborhood

The Surface Mounted Facility map shows proposed locations for Surface Mounted facilities. The map is generated daily and is based upon applications that DPW has received. The map does not contain existing Surface Mounted Facility sites, only locations that have been approved or under review by DPW since 2011.

Once a Surface Mounted Facility application has been approved, the applicant is then allowed to apply for an excavation permit in order to install the surface mounted facility. The map contains information on any excavation permit that has been received for the SMF.



Surface Mounted Facility Resources:

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