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Surface Mounted Facility

Online SMF Public Protest Form

Enter the Application No. from the NOI (Example: 15SMF-0001)

Why are Community Meetings important for you to attend?

The Community Meeting is your only opportunity to work directly with the Applicant to assist in the selection of one or more preferred locations for the SMF. While you will have an opportunity at a later date to protest the issuance of a Surface-Mounted Facility Site Permit at one or more of the preferred locations, the Community Meeting is your only opportunity to work with the Applicant.

What is the purpose of a Community Meeting and who is invited? 

At the Community Meeting, residents and businesses can identify potential new locations, discuss the ways the Applicant can mitigate the visual impact of the proposed SMF with street trees and landscaping and how the Community can work with the Applicant, Public Works and the SF Arts Commission to place a mural on the SMF.

All persons owning or occupying any property and neighborhood planning associations located within 300 feet along either side of the fronting streets of any of the preferred or feasible SMF locations are invited to the Community Meetings.

Why did I receive a Notice of Intent (NOI) for a proposed SMF or see one posted?

A Notice of Intent (NOI) is a document that the SMF Applicant is required to mail out to notify all persons owning or occupying any property and neighborhood planning associations within a 300-foot radius of the Applicant’s plan to apply for an SMF Permit at one of the Preferred Locations listed. The Applicant is also required to post the NOI at each of the Preferred Locations listed. The NOI contains important information about the Preferred Locations for proposed SMF including the location, a photo simulation picture, and information about how to protest the SMF. Also located on the NOI is the date which it was posted.

How do I Protest or Comment on a SMF Notice of Intent (NOI) I received or saw posted?

Protests or comments must be submitted online or by mail. Protests or Comments for a Surface Mounted Facility must be submitted within 10 days from the posting date on the NOI notice.

             • Online:  Public Protest Form. Enter the Application No.__ from the NOI. (Example: 15SMF-0001) 

            • Mail:   San Francisco Public Works 
                             Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping 
                             1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor 
                             San Francisco, CA 94103 
                             Attn: Surface-Mounted Facility Protest
Application No.__ (Example: 15SMF-0001)


Who receives a Public Works Hearing notice and how do I attend a Public Works Hearing for a SMF in my neighborhood?

Public Works will send out notices at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the Public Hearing with the date and time at City Hall to any Person who submitted a protest, the Applicant, and City Departments (who reviewed the Preferred Location List). Additionally, a notice is placed in the San Francisco Examiner, on the bulletin board located inside of the Office of the Department of Public Works, City Hall Room 348, and on the Department’s web site. Public Works will also send the notice to any Person requesting notice of the issuance of a Notice of Intent .

Most hearings are held on Monday mornings at 9:00 am at City Hall. Public Works Hearings allow testimony from Public Works staff, Protestors and the Applicant to be heard by a Hearing Officer. If you want to attend the hearing in person, please bring any written or visual information you would like to use when presenting testimony to the Hearing Officer. If you can’t make the Hearing or don’t wish to speak, protestors are welcome to submit written submissions by 5:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the hearing to be added into the Hearing Record. Please submit such submissions by mail to the Bureau of Street Use and Mapping c/o SMF, 1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. Attn: Surface-Mounted Facility Hearing Statement, Application No.__ (Example: 15SMF-0001)

Is there the opportunity to add Street Trees and Landscaping to the proposed SMF location?

Yes, the Applicant is required to plant street trees and install landscaping if the SMF site is deemed appropriate by the Public Works Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF) to help the aesthetic character of the streetscape. BUF will select the appropriate species and locations for the required street trees and landscaping for the SMF site to be installed and maintained by the Applicant. In cases where the SMF site does not have appropriate space for street trees and/or landscaping, the Applicant would pay an “in-lieu” payment into the Department’s Adopt-A-Tree fund.

What exactly is a Surface-Mounted Facility and how are they regulated?

A Surface Mounted Facility (SMF) is any utility facility (physical element or structure) that is installed, attached, or affixed in the Public Right-of-Ways on a site that is above the surface of the street and that requires the Permittee to excavate in order to install the facility in the Public Right-of-Ways. Surface Mounted Facilities do not include utility poles and attached appurtenances and bus shelters and associated kiosks. In 2014, the Department of Public Works adopted DPW Order 182,933 which implements the requirements of Public Works Code Article 27, which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in Ordinance No. 76-14 (effective June 27, 2014 ).

Planned Surface Mounted Facilities in My Neighborhood

The Surface Mounted Facility map shows Requested and Approved locations for SMFs. The map contains Surface Mounted Facility sites that have been Requested and Approved since Public Works adopted DPW Order 182, 933 in September 2014. 



Surface Mounted Facility Resources:

Contact us Monday through Friday, 8a-5p :

  • phone : 415-554-5810 (please ask for someone knowledgeable about the SMF program)
  • fax : 415-554-6161
  • e-mail : smf@sfdpw.org
    (do not send NOI protests/comments to this account. It is only intended for addressing specific questions or comments regarding the SMF program).
  • address : 1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 - map
                     please address US Mail to : Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping, c/o : SMF
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