Jefferson Streetscape Improvement Project

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In collaboration with the public, businesses and tenants along Jefferson at Fisherman’s Wharf, the City has coordinated to develop a public realm plan that improves on this historic and important corridor with a design plan that is focused on pedestrian priorities; considering the need for wide, open spaces, improved intersections and crosswalks, and vibrant, architectural landscape upgrades that are consistent with the Wharf’s and San Francisco’s roots.

Jefferson Street Design DrawingThe Jefferson Streetscape improvements are a part of the larger Fisherman’s Wharf Public Realm Plan that has been a community driven process to reimagine the Jefferson Street corridor and the Fisherman’s Wharf area. Improvements will include upgrades for a universally accessible pedestrian priority street along the entire length of Jefferson Street, with improved intersections and street segments, pedestrian corner plazas, shortened crossing distances, pedestrian scale lighting and other amenities.

The first phase of the Jefferson Streetscape Improvement Project has undergone a public process for design and planning, led by the City’s Planning Department along with merchants and businesses along Jefferson, with support from the Fisherman’s Wharf CBD and surrounding stakeholders. Over the last two years, the design has been publicly vetted and refined.

DPW is managing the construction of the street and streetscape improvements.

Jefferson Streetscape Improvement Project factsheet


Jefferson Google MapLocation
Jefferson Street, between Hyde Street and Jones Street

Construction to begin in January 2013

Construction scheduled for completion by June 2013

Total: $4.95 million. The majority of project is funded through the general fund and the remainder from the 2006 State Prop 1B.

Project Team
Department of Public Works

Greg Crump
Public Affairs
(415) 554-6930

John Thomas
Project Manager
(415) 557-4668

Bauman Construction, Inc.