Marina Bay Trail Planning

Marina Bay Trail 238_crop.jpgProject information

The Marina Bay Trail Planning project is an outreach process designed to look at alternative design options for the Bay Trail along Marina Boulevard from Scott to Baker streets. The process includes collecting data about the number of people walking, biking and driving in this section and gathering input from the community about what improvements they would like to see in this area.


The guiding principles

  • Ensure safety for people walking and biking 
  • Provide uninterrupted views of the bay
  • Meet parking and loading needs for marina berth holders
  • Enhance the experience along the urban waterfront

Community meetings

  • Community Meeting #2
    December 11, 2013
    • Presentation
    • Your opinion is important to us. Please review presentation and then take this survey. Survey ends January 10, 2014.
  • Community Meeting #1
    September 6, 2013


Marina Boulevard between Scott and Baker streets

Project team

Public Works
Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)


Cristina Olea
Project Manager
(415) 558-4004