Newcomb Streetscape Improvement Project

Project Information: 
The Newcomb Streetscape Improvement Project is an innovative synthesis of community stewardship, agency collaboration, public realm enhancement, and environmental benefit in one of San Francisco’s most environmentally challenged neighborhoods.
newcomb conceptual plan
Features of the Newcomb Streetscape Improvement Project will include significant areas for stormwater management, permeable surfaces, and a robust canopy of street trees along both block frontages.  New features will provide a repeating series of green areas integrally connected to the overall streetscape design.  The enhancements will beautify the block, create gathering places for residents, and transform a barren strip of concrete into an urban oasis that functions with, instead of against the natural functions of the landscape.

For more information, visit the Newcomb Avenue Block Streetscape Improvement Project Factsheet and the Conceptual Plan Diagram.

Newcomb Avenue between Newhall and Phelps Streets

Construction began: Spring 2011
Substantial completion: November 6, 2011
Construction complete: Late December

Total: $1.6 million
Combination funding through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Region 9, Community Challenge Grants, SF Redevelopment Agency and the SFPUC

Project Team: 
Department of Public Works
SF Public Utilities Commission
SF Planning Department
SF Redevelopment Agency

Dadisi Najib
Public Affairs
(415) 437-7018

Ramon Kong 
Interim Project Manager
(415) 554-8280

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