Sloat Boulevard Pedestrian Safety Improvements

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Project Information

Sloat Boulevard is State Highway 35 connecting Skyline Boulevard to the west with Highway 1 through a San Francisco residential area. The Sloat Boulevard Pedestrian Safety Improvement project includes safety improvements at three intersections along Sloat Boulevard between 19th Avenue and Skyline Drive: 23rd Avenue, Forest View Drive and Everglade Drive. The renovation will provide a safer environment for pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and transit riders with the installation of special traffic calming features.

Phase Two pedestrian safety improvements to be installed Summer 2015 include:

Phase One pedestrian safety improvements installed in Summer 2013 include:

  • Sloat Boulevard at Forest View Drive: Bulb-outs, median extension, curb ramps, crosswalks, and a new pedestrian activated crossing beacon. For more information, download the Sloat Boulevard Pedestrian Safety Project factsheet.


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CALTRANS – Sloat Boulevard Improvements

COMMUNITY MEETING – February 9, 2016

COMMUNITY MEETING – January 13, 2016


Public Notices








Phase I:

  • Sloat at Forestview

Phase II:

  • Sloat at Everglade Dr.
  • Sloat at 23rd Ave.




Phase II

  • The project is being rebid due to contractor’s request to withdraw from the project and so the award rescission was granted.
  • The project was re-advertised on 7/2
  • Bid opening on 8/12
  • Bay Area Lightworks, Inc. was awarded the contract. The Notice to Proceed (NTP) date is 11/30/15. The contractor will be starting in December.

Phase I

  • Completed September 2013




Total: $1 million
This project is funded through a combination of a federal highway safety improvement grant and local matching funds.



Project Team

Public Works and SFMTA




John Thomas
Project Manager
(415) 557-4668