Stockton Street Pilot Project for Chinese New Year 2012

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San Francisco’s Chinatown is one of the most dense and visited neighborhoods in the city. During Chinese New Year, the streets and sidewalks along Stockton Street experience high amounts of foot traffic.

In an effort to maximize sidewalk space for merchants and to ensure safe access for pedestrians during this celebration, the City, in partnership with local businesses, will begin a pilot project to extend the sidewalk by temporary closing parking lanes along five blocks of Stockton Street, from Broadway to Sacramento.


  • Prioritize the needs of pedestrians, transit users, and cyclists while accommodating vehicular circulation & traffic. 
  • Improve the overall visitor experience by providing more walking space. 
  • Enhance economic vitality by providing a safe, sustainable and enjoyable place that attracts people to local shops, neighborhoods and area attractions

Guidelinesstockton pilot 2
The Stockton Street Pilot Project for Chinese New Year 2012 will allow merchants to reserve select parking spaces for sale of merchandise from adjacent stores along Stockton Street from Broadway to Sacramento, 10am-6pm everyday beginning January 14 to January 22, 2012. The following guidelines must be met to ensure compliance with city laws, safety, and uninterrupted pedestrian traffic.

    Merchant Display Guidelines

  • Merchandise set up will be from 9am-10am and take down will be from 6pm-7pm.
  • Merchandise set up and take down will occur every day – merchandise cannot be stored overnight on sidewalks or in alleyways.
  • Merchandise displays are only for adjacent business owners, no subleasing of space is allowed
  • All payment transactions must occur inside the retail establishment.
  • Merchandise must be displayed to face the stores.
  • Display items must be against the curb, there should be no space between the curb and the merchandise.
  • The public must remain on the sidewalk when purchasing items.
  • No pedestrians are allowed on the street or in merchandise display area.
  •  Pedestrians must have 6 feet of space to walk along the sidewalks.
  • All cut fruit, shelled nuts, raisins and other dried fruits or seafood are not allowed in merchant display area.
  •  Packaged and other foods are allowed in merchant display area but must be covered by a tent or canopy.
  • No food can be stored on the ground and must be on pallets or tables.

     Parking and Traffic

  • Deliveries must be scheduled before 9am or after 7pm, no delivery trucks will be able to park or stop on Stockton Street between 9am-7pm.
  • Double Parking is not allowed along Stockton Street or any streets that feed into Stockton Street. This policy will be strictly enforced during scheduled program hours.
  • Alleyways must remain accessible for cleaning and emergencies.



The Stockton Street Pilot Project is a collaborative initiative between the Chinatown community and City agencies including the Department of Public Works, the Municipal Transportation Agency, Mayor’s Office, Department of Public Health, the Police Department, Office of the City Administrator, Recology SF, Chinatown Neighborhood Association, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese American Association of Commerce, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, Chinatown Merchants Association, and Community Youth Center.


If you have questions, please contact Nancy Wong at the Department of Public Works at 415-641-2614