Starting January 31, 2016, our PO Box will no longer be valid. Please apply for all permits online or mail applications to:
Attention: San Francisco Public Works, Bureau of Urban Forestry
1155 Market St. 3rd Floor SF, CA 94103

Trees in front of SF City Hall

SF Public Works plants and maintains street trees, issues planting and removal permits to residents, and provides emergency tree response. To report a problem with a street tree call 311 or submit a 311 service request online.

Trees are more than just beautiful additions to urban life. They are an essential component of the ecosystem, and provide enormous environmental and social benefits. They help manage storm water, lessen air pollution and sequester carbon, help save energy, increase property values, provide wildlife habitat, calm traffic, provide a more pleasant pedestrian experience, and benefit human health. Find out more about our City's Urban Forest Plan!  

Tree Maintenance Transfer Plan
In order to sustain a healthy Urban Forest, San Francisco Public Works is proposing to standardize maintenance responsibility such that, in general, fronting property owners will be responsible for the maintenance of street trees in the public right of way.

Plant a Tree
A permit is required to plant a street tree. In many cases there is no cost.

Remove a Tree
You must obtain a permit from Public Works to remove any street tree. Possible fines can be imposed.

Caring for your New Street Tree
Proper establishment of your street tree is critical to future health and maintenance requirements of your tree.

Tree Pruning and Maintenance
Learn more about guidelines for pruning street trees, and general tree maintenance.

Guidelines and Tips (PDF)
For Early Tree Care - Planting, establishing and caring for your young tree is essential to its health.

Sidewalk Landscaping Permits
You can transform your sidewalk into an oasis!

Significant and Landmark Tree Ordinance
City laws protect some trees in San Francisco. Learn more here.

Adopt-A-Tree Fund
You can donate to help SF Public Works care for our Urban Forest.

Signature Trees
Every Arbor Day, San Francisco Public Works plants signature trees to honor civic and cultural leaders, social change advocates, and local and global humanitarians who strengthen their community.

*NEW* - the in-lieu fee has been recently increased to $1847.00 per tree

DPW Orders:

DPW Order 183913

DPW Order 183914

DPW Order 183915

DPW Order 183916

For additional information, contact us at:

San Francisco Public Works
Bureau of Urban Forestry
1155 Market Street, 3rd Floor (Map)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 554-6700